Modularity 4.0

A new framework for business architecture

Make your business simpler, agile and
better aligned

A new framework for business architecture

Make your business simpler, agile and
better aligned

Why it matters

Connecting and transforming the extended enterprise

Business Architecture is a holistic blueprint of an extended enterprise’s structure in terms of its governance, capabilities, client propositions and journeys, revenue streams and operating model.

With Modularity 4.0, you can:

  • Enable strategic and operational agility to assure strategy execution and speed
  • Generate important business insights that steer changes in the right direction
  • Permit early course correction to enable fast remodelling
  • Support bi-modal operating models and reduce coordination costs
  • Facilitate flatter management structures for decentralised decision making
  • Integrate information silos and optimize synergy potential

What we do

We provide advice, workshops, training and tools on how to build and grow the business architecture capability in your organisation.

The Business Case

Visioning, understanding and measuring the economic benefits from a holistic approach to Business Architecture.

The Right Process

Designing, analyzing and maintaining business architeture requires good design principles, a clear process and effective governance.

The Right People

Developing the purpose, structure and roles for a business architecture division. Identifying and growing people with modelling and weaving capabilities is critical for success.

The Right Tools

Modeling and managing the transition of an as-is to a to-be architecture, in collaboration with the business, is almost impossible without technology.

The Right Method

Using a holistic framework that goes beyond business and IT alignment will give strategic relevance to business architecture

The Right Governance

Implementing a collaborative approach to govern the business architecture and to maintain the modeling toolkit

Business Architecture Framework

Connecting and transforming the extended enterprise

Business Architecture is a holistic blueprint of an extended enterprise. It articulates the structure of an enterprise in terms of its governance, its capabilities, its client propositions and journeys, its revenue streams and its operating model.

What differentiates us


Converging strategy, architecture & execution

Aligning the business architecture stack with the cascading strategic choices of the organization to create closer feedback loops between strategy, architecture and execution.


Integrating data & analytics with the master plan

Big and other data has only real meaning if it’s placed in context of the building blocks of the master plan and the change efforts behind these building blocks.


Moving towards landscape theory

Leaders today need a comprehensive overview of a shifting landscape so they can focus on what matters now, while not losing sight of the overall picture.


Enabling flexible and agile design and management

Our unique digital platform enables the design, connection and management of building blocks in a highly flexible and collaborative way.


Leveraging the ingenuity of the matrix

Making the connections between building blocks using nested matrices provides context for multi-dimensional complexity, in order to create visual order and simplicity.


Strengthening collaboration between business and IT

The masterplan should be designed and governed through an intense collaboration between business and IT.

Join the Scientrix ecosystem of solutions.

From online courses to professional advisory services, we’ve got you covered.

Scientrix Technology

Scientrix is our technology platform which enables the flexible design and management of Business Architecture in a collaborative way, as an innovative and agile tool.

Scientrix Academy

Our training provides leaders with the knowledge they need to structure and connect in a complex world for better insights and results.

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