A technology designed to connect strategy, architecture and execution

The only technology that enables modularization, interconnectivity, data-driven, decision making and portfolio management into ONE platform.


Scientrix enables the flexible and agile design and management
of the Strategic Enterprise Architecture (SEA)

Multiple Models

Enables the design of multiple SEA models and the sharing of building blocks and intelligence between models.

Building Blocks

Enables the creation of building blocks and the management of all the separate components such as KPIs, Initiatives, risks and compliance.

Simple Modeling

Supports the easy configuration of building blocks into different architecture models through grids, drop and drag, drill down, layering and libraries.

Portfolio Execution

Allows for the management of initiative portfolios and the tracking of initiatives and tasks through stages.

Data & Analytics

Easily embeds data and analytics into building blocks to provide insights on performance and other trends. Allows for the integration with other business intelligence tools.

Effective Collaboration

Allows for collaboration between business and IT.

Advanced Security

Provides enterprise grade security on premise or in the cloud.

Enabling flexible and agile design

Connecting strategic and operational agilty

Strategy Design
A unique modular and interconnected architecture.

The matrix is highly versatile and can be used to architect different solutions. The beauty of the matrix lies in how it can break down and connect parts into a holistic solution.

Agile Execution
Manage the project portfolio from ideation to impact.

Enable an agile and seamless planning and execution capability by managing initiatives in stages: Idea – Planning – Execution – Close out.

Data & Analytics
Enhance performance using the right analytics.

Create detailed views of KPIs and business performance metrics, complete with status, historical data and trends. Link performance measurements to initiatives and strategies.

Connecting strategic and operational agilty

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